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Attention Rocky-U Mobile Device Users!

Please be advised there are some changes to the supported application on Apple and Google Play app stores. There are currently 2 versions of the app available. One is labeled “Open-LMS” and one is labeled “old Open LMS”. As of the end of April, new updates and changes to the mobile app will only be available on the “Open-LMS” app version. The “old Open LMS” version will not be updated and will no longer be available in app stores. Technically, this older version will still work until the end of 2021, but new updates will not be included.

We recommend you delete the ”old Open LMS” app and install the latest version of the new app. the icon on the old app has been changed to make it clear which one is no longer recommended.Mobile img

The reason the new version was created by our hosting partner is to ensure consistency and clarity with the deployment details in the app store. We do not anticipate this approach will be needed again. For more information on the app, please visit our hosting partners web page at: Open LMS Mobile App for IOS and Andrioid - Learning On the Go

Thank you,

Rocky-U Admin